About 5 or  6 years into painting I got a little idea and wanted to paint these really giant flowers.  There was something about making them larger than life that excited me.  Like a little kid really.  I focused on making the centers of these flowers really big and was actually holding the flowers while painting,  and I discovered how really cool they are.  They look like nothing else on earth.  At one point I wonderered if it is the same with the human soul?  Are we so busy in our lives that we miss the center and essence of each other?  Maybe it was just me.  And I am not sure the question has ever been answered.

I love these grand flowers.  I dream about them getting bigger.  Sometimes I wake up in the mornings still dreaming I am in one.  It is a beautiful, good dream.  The petals form velvet blankets all around me.  They are soft to the touch.  As I take my first morning breath there is a faint perfume in the air.  When I awake from one of these dreams, I know it is going to be a good day!