So here is Booboo Kitty de Texas.  I happened across this little fella while I was at Bide-A-While retreat and art sanctuary in Dickinson, Texas taking an art workshop with several other lovely women in what we called ‘the art bubble”.  Oh what joy to be amoungst all painters!  Sooo Fun!  Little Boo was wondering the property (he was actually the owners cat) and I was told very mean.  But this little guy came running right over to me and you know one of his ears was a bit mangled as if he had been in a brawl which is when I named him Booboo Kitty for his ear.  Poor little guy.  I didn’t even realize his real name was Boo!

Please enjoy following Boo around his surroundings.  The retreat is right on the bayou and we had some great morning light and lots of interesting foliage….