So here in the Berkshires of Massachusetts we are blessed with plentiful trees that change colors every fall before dropping to the ground to become regenerative material in the ever on going cycle of nature. Last fall on my nature walks I would gather some of the most beautiful leaves that adorned the earth and capture their essence on the canvas before they faded completely.

There are also some incredible beautiful squashes that grown which I am featuring here. These are called swan gourds and I don’t believe anyone eats them but they make for a colorful decoration on the porch. As usual, I had my own organic garden and the weather was so fantastic that the crops kept coming until November, when we had our first frost. We sure made up for with the brutal winter weather and sub zero temperatures for continual weeks, or what seemed like months. That’s where the eggplant are from and the red hot peppers.

As mentioned in my newsletter I also began exploring more art that bubbles up from the imagination. This is presumably where the Subordination and Transitions pieces came from. In all likelihood I will elaborate on these two pieces when I post them on the blog in the next few months. It is funny that in retrospect I even understand my work whereas at the time I am creating them I simply allow the ideas to flow and go with it.

The style I chose to work her is much different than my previous works and I really am enjoying it and hope you will too!